Music Lessons

I was a guitar, bass, and ukulele instructor in the Boston, MA area for about 12 years. I now reside in Nashville, TN and teach in the Clarksville area. I teach on the weekends and can also at times teach weeknights as well. I offer house calls and online Zoom lessons as well, so you can have your lesson in the comfort of your own home. I teach all ages, all styles and offer lessons in Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele.

All lessons are geared differently to each student because every student has specific goals, and each student will also learn better and faster from different teaching techniques. You get your own custom lesson plan meaning that nothing is out of a book, and there are no books to buy, I hand write everything. All ages are welcome and I have taught students from age 4 to 60 so it's never to early or late to start. Let me know what you are looking to accomplish and we can set up a first lesson. House calls are $60 for the hour long lesson and Zoom lessons are $40 for the hour. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Instrument Repair

I've worked on guitars and other musical stringed instruments for over 10 years. I studied music at Berklee College of Music and also worked at the repair shop there. I offer setups for acoustic and electric guitar and bass, rewiring work for electric guitars which includes swapping out new pickups and any other modding you need done, and a plethora of different repairs. I can also restring and fix anything from violins to banjos. Let me know what you need done and I'm happy to help. 

Basic setup fee for guitars is $30 plus strings which includes string change, action adjustment and setting intonation, as well as a basic cleaning. This can make a bad guitar good and a good guitar great. You never know what your guitar is truly like until you play it after getting a great setup.

Contact me and let me know what you need done and I'm happy to give you a quote.