mobile recording rig available to record your projects in the comfort of your own home, practice space, or live show

- Pro Tools 9 Setup with 24 inputs (16 xlr and 8 trs) -

- Waves Platinum Plug-Ins -

- An array of microphones including a complete drum microphone set -

- Headphone monitoring for up to 8 band members simultaneously -

- Complete quote instead of hourly rate if preferred so you don’t feel rushed -

- Includes setup, recording, breakdown, mixing and mastering -

- Have as many remixes/remasters as you need...until YOU think it’s perfect -

-Fully Equipped Practice Space also available to Record at-

For questions/booking contact Will Faust

e-mail - will@willfaust.com

Phone - 978-766-6268


Live Show

Practice Space

Mixing/Mastering Only

Fully Equipped Practice Space is available at an hourly rate plus normal Practice Space Pricing Fees. Space includes full Drumset, Acoustic Piano, PA System, Bathroom Facilities, Vending Machines and even a game room to relax in. It is a great room with an awesome vibe and great acoustics as well. please call or email for more info on the space and rates.

I also now offer recording lessons! A great way to learn how to make the most of your home studio.

Recording Samples From Happy Customers HERE!

Or check out Samples of “Emily and Will”, “Emily Russo Trio”, or “Onset”.

All the music on every page of this website was recorded/mixed/mastered by Will Faust